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Hotel and catering

In Madagascar, as in Nosy Be, the majority of the population has a very low standard of living. The average monthly wages vary between 25 euros for a laborer or a cleaning lady.

In the restaurant, a meal costs between 1 and 2 euros in a “hotel gasy” (Gargote at the edge of the road), a full menu: 4 euros in a small restaurant and 10 euros for a good meal in the restaurants with pinion on street.

The culinary wealth of Nosy Be enchants visitors. The “vazaha” (European or American) particularly appreciate fish, crabs, camarons, sea cicadas, lobsters, sold at very low prices (10 to 12 euros full menu with lobster!), Tropical fruits, mangoes , papayas, pineapple.

In hotels, establishments offering services of a certain standard (at least three stars), it takes between 50 and 120 euros for a room and about 10 euros for a menu.

The island is home to about 45,000 islanders and has a very young population (60% are under 20 years) and a friendly ethnic crossbreeding: karana, Sakalava, Indo Comorian side without problems.

The economy of Nosy Be is mainly focused on tourism but develops significant activities of its dynamism as the products of the sea: shrimps, lobsters, fish, products of the land: vanilla, coffee, sugar cane, Ylang Ylang, rice and finally Crafts around basketry sculptures and various weavings.