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Recommendations of use and to live in Nosy Be

The average temperature recorded over the year in Nosy Ne is from 23 ° to more than 32 °, so the priority will be to dress lightly.
In addition to your swimsuit, you will need shorts, t-shirts, flip flops, light pants and a windbreaker in case of rain or if you are boating.

Otherwise, do not forget to mix sunscreen, sunglasses, anti-mosquito products, your hat or cap and of course, your books, your guide and your camera.

Some small useful accessories will facilitate your stay of the type: a small backpack or a torch (waterproof if possible), see a pocket knife multi-purpose, a small padlock. Electricity on the whole island is 220 volts with European standard plugs


It will be necessary to show you sociable and respectful, while avoiding to show any sign of impatience and to remain calm as much as possible, the time in Madagascar having another value, especially in bush (Country of “mora-mora” “softly-softly “).
Respond to various greetings and even get ahead of it (especially in the villages).

In Nosy Be, you will not escape the local good morning: M’Bola Tsara! In Vovo it will be up to you to take back and complete “Tsis” to say that everything is fine!

Respect local customs and customs by avoiding approaching the tombs or if you approach them avoid touching the ornaments of a tomb and climb on the burial grounds.


There are taxis on the island that can transport you wherever you want.

We distinguish between collective taxis (cheaper and sometimes loaded) and special taxis for you alone (more convenient, but more expensive).
Always negotiate before and pay after the service, to avoid unpleasant surprises. The organized person will note progressively the price of different races and can then avoid being abused by drivers a little less scrupulous.


In most cases you can photograph without permission, the approach must obviously be respectful of people and local customs and very often the population welcomes this practice with broad smiles and a sympathetic curiosity.

You will find on Hell-city several merchants disposing of a wide choice of films of all brands and sensitivity